Why should I start betting on cricket?

Cricket is not just an exotic game anymore. It has jumped into the top ranks of the most popular sports all around the world. Today this betting is becoming more and more profitable to pay attention to.
In this article we will try to figure out the main unknown or, on the contrary, well-known aspects to consider while betting on.

Step 1: what is the difference between cricket and baseball?

However, both sports are deeply associated with bat and ball devices and maintain some similar elements, the main differences come from their basic controlling rules and, indeed, the type of bat used in each of the disciplines.
The bat used is thick and flat on the edge, as well as made of wood. Also this ball is somewhat harder and heavier, weighing more than another one.The baseball bat, on the other hand, looks like a stick, is thinner and rounder. Here it doesn’t matter the material: wood or metal.
The balls of both sports are made of a mixture of cork and rubber, but are clearly distinguishable by color. The cricket ball is always white for One Day International matches and red for Test matches. While baseball balls are constantly white with red stitching. Here l the spectators can keep the ball as a souvenir if they get their hands on it, while in the other game they are obliged to return it.
Don’t forget that in matches there are 11 players per team, as opposed to 9 players in baseball. Scores are also clearly higher, and the maximum score per run in baseball is 4, compared to 6.
The dimensions of the pitch are not equal too. The distance between pitcher and batter is bigger than in baseball.
By the way, there are things ot represented in baseball at all, like the wicket. The wicket is a set of three upright sticks or stumps, and two cross sticks or bails, which the batsman has to protect, while the bowler will try to collapse it thus eliminating the batsman.
Finally, the height at which the ball reaches the batter implies that the system of protections varies slightly between the two sports. Thus, cricket batsmen use extra leg protection to protect themselves from low balls.

Step 2: which special bets can be placed on cricket?

Any gamester is open to bet on the performance of key players (batsmen, bowlers), the number of runs (not scores, as it is in the other sports) and the wicket’s effectiveness.
Moreover, this is allowed to make future bets. Gambling on futures gives quite a different kind of excitement, as the task is to predict the winner of the championship long before it’s even in the middle of its course.
Just imagine how betting can be entertaining while staking imagining how the chosen teams will perform up to the final game, how the various circumstances will influence certain rounds (for instance, the weather, injuries, penalties) or whether a crucial player of the team will succeed having come out in a positive light.
Some bettors are sure that to gamble on futures is risky, but it’s absolutely worth the cost: this satisfying and exciting experience can explain such a trying. In addition, the risk is quite overexaggerated.

Step 3: what are the popular cricket championships for betting?

Among the well-reputed tournaments are both international and national ones, like:

  • Cricket World Championships and Cups (Test matches, ODIs and Twenty20s);
  • English Cricket;
  • Australian Cricket Championship (Sheffield Shield);
  • Indian Ranji Trophy Championship;
  • New Zealand Plunket Shield Tournament;
  • etc.

So should I focus on such betting?

For sure, you should. The stated reasons above are just the unrestricted selection, there are more advantages of such a gambling. Don’t hesitate and start gaining today!