Basics of cricket betting (or how to succeed here)

Cricket is the sport to pay attention to. However it’s not as popular as soccer, hockey, tennies, basketball or MMA fights, its popularity is extremely growing. Betting on cricket may be very gainful, so let’s find out more about its basics.

Cricket – general sport rules

Similar to baseball, in cricket players try to hit the ball after the defending team has pitched, but other than that there is not much overlap between the two sports.
Matches are played between two teams, with 11 players on each side. The field is rounded and vary in size, but in the center there is always a circle 20 meters in diameter (“pitch”), where all the action takes place.
Two teams take turns kicking or pitching the ball, on the defensive side of the field at the same time there is one pitcher “bowler” and ten field players, the attack has only two kickers called “batsmen”, on the field, one on each side of the pitch.
The outfielder aims to score as many runs as possible in his allotted “over”. The batsman has to deflect the throw so that the ball reaches the boundary of the field or flies far enough away from the opponents to allow
him/her to run to the other side of the pitch.
If the attack is successful, the outfielder’s team earns the scores.
The attacking team continues until all batsmen from the opposite crew are removed, then the competitors switch roles.

Cricket betting: the main types of stakes

Betting on cricket is not very different from gambling on other sports. The bettor places a stake on a match outcome along with other markets specific to the game, using odds provided by the bookmaker. Among the common ones are bets on:

  • Outcome of the match
    Here the gamester has to predict the winner. It’s a really widespread stake. To choose correctly, make a pre-analysis.
  • Top hitter player
    Once more, it’s about an ordinary task to forecast the batter who will score the most runs per round or in the game. As you can see, gambling is made on two options: the whole game or the particular team member.
  • Top pitcher
    Everything is equal: you are supposed to simply select the bowler who will knock down the most wickets. This may be divided into two options: the whole game or the particular team member.
  • The ways of getting victory
    Gamblers are open to bet on the main method of walk-off throughout an event. There will be odds on batters being knocked down, caught, run over, struck out or any other method.
  • The number of scored runs
    It may be placed on in a live mode or in advance. By the way, the gamester can gamble on the final result or the number of scored runs in a particular round. In short cricket formats, the stake may include the number of runs that can be scored when fielding restrictions are applied at the beginning of the match.
  • The best player of the match
    As with any sporting event, the best player of the match can be chosen here. The bettor’s task is to predict who will become the title holder and bet concerning the offered odds.

How to bet on cricket correctly

First of all, you should be well acquainted with the rules of the cricket game, because without knowing the basics there will be no success. For example, gamesters who do not know how long a cricket match lasts, after placing a bet, wonder why it’s waiting for up to 5 days, thereby freezing their money for a long time and missing out on potential profits from other stakes.

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To better understand the sport, it’s recommended to watch broadcasts of cricket matches. Having mastered the rules and regulations of cricket tournaments, you can start analyzing the prematch, so rely on the effectiveness of the athletes’ performance. There is no need to dig into the analysis of all 11 sportsmen of a team, although it will not hurt to make a selective analysis. Remember, you have to be able to determine the current shape of the key players on whom the outcome of the meeting depends the most, especially:

  1. the shape of batsmen;
    They are the players who reflect the ball with the bat. Evaluate the accuracy and power of the batsmen by looking at batting stats and watching video of recent games.
  2. the shape of bowlers.
    They are the players who pitch to the opposing batsmen. Bowlers alternate after each over (6 pitches). Identify the best bowlers who score the most runs.

Sometimes the wicketkeepers can also play an important role in the game, so pay attention to these athletes as well.
The tip is that having a complete statistical analysis it’s possible to intelligently assess the performance of teams and compare their chances of winning the upcoming game. Nevertheless, you should not rely solely on the stats, because without watching the previous matches and evaluating the players’ condition, the probability of earning on the distance will be lower.
Actually, bear in mind that the best cricket betting odds are on the major outcomes of international One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 series, because these tournaments have higher maximums, more extensive portfolios and attractive odds, unlike the national championships. Besides, the events are played one day, not up to 5 days, as in the test games, where you have to wait a long time to calculate the bet, although the latter are also profitable for gambling.

Cricket betting: what is the key to success?

Indeed, there can be no common golden rule on how to succeed in cricket betting. In order to constantly be in the black you have to consider all the tips mentioned above. Don’t try to have ‘free lunch’ – improve your own knowledge, bet, enjoy and gain.