How Afghanistan’s victory increased India’s chances so much

What seemed like an unlikely reality is now quite true to itself. India’s position has improved significantly by 2 basis points, and this is just one victory for Afghanistan. His performance also improved, but not with such an amplitude.
Given India’s victory over Afghanistan, its chances of reaching the semi-finals have been updated. Nor should we underestimate the outcome of India’s defeats against Pakistan and New York.
It is important to consider that the outcome of the Indian national team still does not depend on them. Even taking into account their rather big progress, India needs to continue to give all the best to win the games with Scotland and Namibia. In this way, India will be able to close the gap between it and Afghanistan.
It is important to point out that Pakistan has already secured its position in the semi-finals, leading the table with 4 wins that earned it 8 points.
The Indian national team will have a very difficult job. In addition to the need for India to win at its own games, it also needs the competitors’ games to develop into a positive scenario.
If all goes well, India will miraculously have her chance of reaching the semi-finals.
Well, India remains half of the chances to make every effort for its own victories, and in the other half it prays for a favorable alignment.


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